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As bigger the diopter of reading glasses, it is much more challenging to converge the eyes on a close object and therefore optics should include strong prismatic component measured in base-in prismatic diopters (PD).  The prismatic component add thickness to the optics that is limiting manufacturing capability of the lens. Therefore, other equivalent magnifiers are compromising user eyes convergence comfort by putting not strong enough prismatic component. In MOGOGLAZ the issue is resolved using MOGO-Oculars – know-how of Cinema2Go LTD company developed prismatic, aspherical oculars for MOGO line products. The MOGOGLAZ has the following features:

  1. Strongest (+12D) reading glasses -  binocular x6 times magnification  with relaxed eyes convergence observing tiny details of 6” objects in working distance of 8cm/3inch from the glasses
  2. Two +12D/19PD (prismatic diopters) Base-In lenses (MOGO-Oculars). Injection molded from PMMA (acrylic material) using secret know-how how to keep optical quality despite high lens thickness.
  3. Adjustable optics: (a) interpupuliary distance (IPD): 55 - 74mm – for most comfort view tuning (b) nose-bridge position with silicone padding – regulation of vertical position to allow regular and magnified mode of watching according to work task
  4. Could be worn over far-vision prescription glasses
  5. Comes with installed accessories: (a) removable LED light for central vision illumination; (b) head-band to secure the MOGOGLAZ on the head

MOGOGLAZ User Manual is here

MOGOGLAZ for precision works x6 binocular magnifier with 2x19PD prisms

$49.00 Regular Price
$39.00Sale Price
  • Currently, we don't have infrastructure to manage returns. Buyer must read description and FAQ before purchasing product. The known cons and use-cases compatibility are described to match the expectations.

    Defective product replacement policy: Customer has 4 days following receiving the product to report defects with picture/video proves, through contact-us form. In the case the product really arrived defective - it will be replaced by the Company for free.

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