Panoramic Virtual Reality Optics & Systems

Industry need

  • Human Vision supports horizontal Field of View of 210 degrees, where binocular overlap is about 120 degrees and 2 x 45 = 90 degrees peripheral vision from each side

  • The available VR systems today providing horizontal Field of View of 100 degrees that is limiting user experience of immersion

  • There are VR applications such as racing and flights simulators, combat simulators for which peripheral vision is extremly important

VR170 degrees - Special Optics for Dual Tilted Displays

Cinema2Go do R&D and manufacturing for oculars used in VR systems based on dual tilted displays for extended horizontal Field of View. The concept is patent pending with priority date from July 2015

The lenses providing FoV of 170deg x 80 deg are used in VRHero system by Vrgineers

VRHero 5K by VRGineers using special oculars designed by Cinema2Go

VR270 degrees - complete covering Human Visual Fields

(210 deg + 2 x 30 deg of eyes rotation)

more info is under NDA

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