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MOGOGLAZ - highest magnification preserving eyes comfort

The MOGOGLAZ is an optical innovation providing six times magnification to both eyes without compromising user comfort. Other available optical means with such magnification are either monocular (2nd eye has to remain closed) or creating discomfort and loose of depth perception/eye strain, nausea and headaches. The latter is caused by a need for very strong eyes convergence, far outside natural comfort zone.

Low Vision magnifier precision works, household ocasions, tiny foreign body finding

Highlights (details are in User Manual):

  • Strongest (+12D) reading glasses -  binocular x6 times magnification  with relaxed eyes convergence observing tiny details of 6” objects in working distance of 8cm/3inch from the glasses

  • Two +12D/19PD (prismatic diopters) Base-In lenses (MOGO-Oculars). Injection molded from PMMA (acrylic material) using secret know-how how to keep optical quality despite high lens thickness.

  • Adjustable optics:

       (a) interpupuliary distance (IPD): 55 - 74mm – for most comfort view tuning,

       (b) nose-bridge position with silicone padding – regulation of vertical position .

  • Could be worn over far-vision prescription glasses

  • Comes with installed accessories:

       (a) removable LED light for central vision illumination;

       (b) head-band to secure the MOGOGLAZ on the head

MOGOGLAZ use cases:

While not limited to the ones listed below  MOGOGLAZ was found extremely practical for:

  1. low vision (especially for individuals with central retina impairment) needing magnification to recognize objects/texts

  2. precise work/repairs requiring fine alignments while working with tiny screws and connectors, soldering of small electronic components

  3. household –putting thread through an eye of a needle with ease, first aid: removing tiny splinters/foreign bodies from eyes

  4. beauty and healthcare – checking manicure quality, observing skin injuries/anomalies

MOGOGLAZ is similar to a binocular magnifier.  It utilizes lenses with prismatic element thus virtually doubling the object and shifting each virtual object aside to left and right eye correspondingly. In this way the near object positioned between the eyes is appears shifted to left and right releasing the eyes strain. There are a lot of binocular magnifiers, however, once more than x3 magnification is needed, there is no appropriate solution on the market (due to complexity to manufacture affordable lenses with strong enough prismatic element). Cinema2Go  overcame successfully the thick lens manufacturing limits.  We are now producing +12D lenses with 19PD (prismatic diopters) element.  This way MOGOGLAZ provides x6 times magnification with relaxed eyes convergence, while objects of 5”x3” are in field of view. Aspherical lens design (of MOGO-Oculars) allows to keep wide observation area in focus.

Uniquiness of MOGOGLAZ

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