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ABOUT US | Cinema2Go LTD

Our vision is to become leading hardware Company in field of near-eye display systems to improve quality of life of low-vision people and provide professional and entertainment visual contents related solutions for wide public

OUR Status

Cinema2Go LTD (C2G) is a high-tech company which started R&D in 2014. Chronologically events are:

  • First investment and C2G incorporation - June-2015

  • Winning HLS award of $20K for improving drone operator performance by means of MOGO used as FPV - June-2016

  • Break-through in thick lenses injection molding - August-2016

  • Total funds raised up to the end of 2017 - $400K

  • Indiegogo campaign and release of MOGO TRAVEL - Q3-2017

  • During 2017 the following corporations are joining as equity partners: RAE, Plastomold, Holo/Or

  • From Q4-2017: Joint ventures with companies using C2G technologies

Cinema2Go Structure

immerse yourself OEM 3'd parties wide field of view VR Vrgineers patent vision tester licensing turnkey projects advanced AR "low vision assistant" AMD "age macular degeneration" glaucoma diabetis

The Team

Equity Partners

Ilya Sherman

Asia  Operation Manager

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