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Gen2 MOGO-Oculars R&D





Adding Diffractive Optical Elements

Strategic Partnership with Holo/Or LTD

To overcame limitations of singlet designs using classical optics, Cinema2Go entered into strategic partnership with Holo/Or LTD, pioneer and leader in optical design with Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE)

Next generation (GEN2) of MOGO-Ocular will be hybrid Refractive/Diffractive design overcoming the limitations of GEN1 refractive only design. Following long term R&D process we aim to achieve oculars with following improvements:

  • Convergence distance 2m - 6m

  • Free of chromatic aberrations

  • Free of geometrical distortions

  • Thin and light-weight structure

  • Immersive FoV of 120deg x 60deg  

The Vision is to create accessory coming with each smartphone, like headphones, for into-screen visual immersion of the user

with a potential of Billion+ units

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