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For developers of near eye display applications operated from PC Desktop/Notebook or to view movies from PC. It is also foldable design to be easily taken in travels. The headset has build in HDMI 6"/2K display that works with Personal Computer.


MOGO-HDMI-PC is amended MOGO-Travel by build in 2K/6" LCD providing immersive 90deg x 50deg field of view and operated from Personal Computer
  • Screen: resolution: 2K, 6" LCD. Field of View: 90 x 50 deg, adds about 85gr to the MOGO (instead of ~150gr of smartphone)

  • Connection to PC through HDMI interface, power through mini-USB cable

  • Cables: HDMI to HDMI and USB to mini-USB will be included - length at least 1m (preferably 1.5-1.6m)

  • The opto-mechanical system is based on MoGo-Travel. New plastic components accommodate LCD, HDMI-IN controller and flat cables. This module attached to MoGo front-frame instead of smartphone. The attachment is permanent for better reliability of the product.

  • Configured as PC/Notebook second screen of 2K resolution and intended for media/video applications.

  • Attention for MAC users: will work only with GTX1080ti graphic card

Limited stock is available,

Flat HDMI and mini-USB cables (1.5m) are included

Price $300 + shipment, payment through PayPal, contact us:

Thanks! Message sent.

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